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    Gender-Me-This: Accepting Every Human’s Nature at Work

    Date: November 9, 2017, 7:45am
    Yamhill County Human Resource Association
    Linfield College - Riley Campus Center, Room 201
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    Gender-Me-This: Accepting Every Human’s Nature at Work

    Consider what we all have in common: (1) we have people in our life whom we love deeply and who love us back; (2) we want to be appreciated, valued and respected for who we are; (3) we work hard to support ourselves and our families; (4) we feel pain when someone says or does hurtful things; and (5) we dream about the future and what it might hold for us.  Each of us also has the propensity or ability to give warmth and kindness to others; whether we choose to tap into that propensity is another story, especially when traditional notions of gender boundaries are being pushed and tested. LGBTQ+, sexual identity, sexual orientation, cis-gender, transgender, third gender, gender X, gender neutral, etc. – this is our new vocabulary, and with it comes expectations and responsibilities for tolerance in the workplace.  Join us for this informative program as we explore current workplace rights and protections, the implications of third gender status, possible family leave and disability accommodations for transitioning employees, workplace policy interpretation, bathroom selections, and best practices for moving the organization forward in accepting all employees as they are and who they want to be.

    Speaker: Jennifer Bouman-Steagall

    Red Kite Employment Law founder Jennifer Bouman-Steagall is a dynamic Storyteller, trusted HR Business Partner and experienced Employer Defender with over 19 years’ experience representing and working closely with Pacific Northwest employers. Through her informative and memorable programs, Jennifer engages, motivates and empowers organizations to improve their team communication, leadership skill development and employee engagement levels as a means to creating great places to work. Sharing her passion and experience with audiences, Jennifer inspires them to learn, reflect and laugh as they look forward to the future.